A girl called "Dorine" by many and called "Christa" by herr family.
A girl ready for anything and welcomes all challenges coming her way..
A girl who does not want anyone to see her tears coming out her eyes..
someone who tries to stand tall and stay strong as long as she can..

A girl who can still keep a smile on her face even at the worst times of her life..

always going with the flow as they say..
very unpredictable and totally moody..
for a minute you'll see her mad, but at the next minute you'll see her laughing and smiling as if nothing happened..

I smile through ups and downs.
I remember all the good times I have with special people I love and care.
I don't forget anyone for they'll always be in my heart.

Love me or Hate me it's your choice.
but i'll always be me.

I love my friends and their imperfections.
I love listening more than I love to talk.
music is what keeps me going through the day although i dnt have any music related skills.

I am not perfect for I also have some flaws.
I learn from my mistakes.
I love hanging out and having fun.
I am unique.
I can be a good friend who can stay by your side.


Feb 9, 2010
@ 12:43 pm
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